Technology Solutions by Knudson, LP

Knudsonlp has worked in utility relocation, ROW abandonment and related infrastructure corrections since establishing a streamline approval for ROW abandonments and adjustments at the City of Houston as Planning Director and Assistant Director. 

Knudson, LP is effectively transforming the IoT technology benchmarks that executes communication systems from planning to design into the minds of the AI control centers and onto the devices that boost intelligent connectivity with 5G wireless to the future of our world in real time.

The critical demand to keep proven technology that mitigates risks deriving from 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G requires a technical robust planning tool to integrate fiber at the speed of light for the cellular communications technologies for wireless mobility networks.

At Knudson, we use rapid response innovated intelligence in support of the National Broadband Network that enables security measures and safety demands to become viable and effective within seconds.
Our services portfolio also includes Cad Design and Engineering Support Services.

Knudsonā€™s key global communication infrastructure has created an innovative approach for telecom networks and engineering support systems. Our technology development follows an innumerable set of site/facility assessments, virtualization, network fiber fusion splicing that enables the 5G community to be effectively and efficiently controlled within smart remote portals and AI command centers in support of the end users in real time.  


"Knudson's driving principle is to build better communities by design. We are a woman-owned small business dedicated to making your development dream a reality."

~Patricia Knudson-Joiner, CEO


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