H-GAC Regional Plan

The Regional Plan for Sustainable Development will be the first regionally-adopted, consensus-based sustainability plan for the Gulf Coast Planning Region of Texas. The plan will address the interaction of land use, transportation and infrastructure, housing, economic development, and environmental elements – and the social equity issues related to each – and contain appropriate implementation strategies identifying context-specific strategies for the region’s urban, suburban, rural and coastal communities.

As a sub-consultant to AECOM, Knudson assisted in preparing the Public Engagement Action Plan (PEAP) and the Community Asset Database. The PEAP specified the details of outreach activities to be used during the public engagement process. Knudson also assisted in the individual Stakeholder Interviews, over twenty-two Large-Format Public Meetings and multiple smaller Community Meetings that focused on specific stakeholder groups such as the elderly and frail, physical medical concerns, mental health concerns, non-English speaking, specific civic associations and home-owners associations, and different religious organizations.

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