H-GAC Access Management Study FM 517 and SH 3

The access management study for Farm-to-Market Road 517 are from the intersection of Cemetery Road east to Gum Bayou in Dickinson, TX (approximately 6.7 miles); and for State Highway 3, from the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 518 in League City, Texas, south to Hughes Road in Dickinson, Texas (approximately 5 miles). Approximately 2.7 miles of the State Highway 3 corridor are located in League City.

The purpose of this study is to examine current land development and traffic conditions, along both corridors and identify appropriate transportation improvements, land use policies, and development concepts to increase safety, improve mobility, and enhance aesthetics and economic development within the project area.

As a sub-consultant to Kimley-Horn, Knudson prepared a preliminary major thoroughfare plan for the City of Dickinson and reviewed different alternatives along the FM 517 and SH 3 corridor. Knudson reviewed City ordinances to determine which, if any, businesses would no longer meet code at areas in which additional right-of-way would be needed. Knudson assisted Kimley-Horn with all stakeholder and public meetings.

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