City of Houston Parking Management Study

The COH Parking Management Department hired Kimley-Horn & Associates to create a Strategic Plan. The plan is divided up into 2 phases. Phase 1 included an in-depth current program assessment, a community engagement process utilizing a “parking expert advisory panel process” and the development of a draft set of program Guiding Principles. Phase 2 was to develop action items from the results of Phase 1. Those items included prioritizing and addressing the specific operational issues identified in the Current Program Assessment report, enhancing in-house parking planning functions to promote improved collaboration with the COH Planning & Development Department, investing in the development of a parking demand model (Park+) to become the basis of a more sophisticated parking planning function within the department, enhancing program communications, branding and marketing programs, developing cutting-edge parking guidance and wayfinding, creating Neighborhood District Specific Parking Management Action Plans, refining organizational, staffing and budgetary needs to address the expanded scope of parking management, and developing recommendations related to departmental funding priorities and the development of a capital investment plan going forward.

As sub-consultant to Kimley-Horn, Knudson’s specific project tasks included participating in panelist observations and stakeholder input, support drafting the Guiding Principles, support developing a Best Practices Parking Management Tool Box, identifying potential economic development tools and private/public partnerships, gathering data to produce the Park+ model, creating the Neighborhood District’s Parking Management Action Plans, scoping and budgeting, scheduling, invoicing and monthly status reports.

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