Main Street Theater Renovation

Main Street Theater launched a $3.5 million campaign to buy Main Street’s location — not on Main but on Times Boulevard in Rice Village — and create a more functional space for its productions. At 4,500 square feet, the new facility will retain the theater’s intimate 99-seat size with improved sight lines. In addition to the “on-stage” enhancements, the project will address much-needed upgrades behind the scenes, including an improved sound booth and more functional dressing rooms and prop storage. Knudson was responsible for preparing and submitting the subdivision plat and building line variance for a dual building line of 6 feet and 10 feet and abandoning two sanitary sewer easements. Knudson reviewed deed records dedicating two easements within the Client’s property. Once we determined the deeds had reverter verbiage, Knudson went through the City of Houston easement reverter process to abandon an unused easement. Knudson processed and coordinated with Public Works and Engineering (PWE) Department, Utility Analysis Section (UAS) for it to review and determine if an active public utility is located within the easement. Since the easement was not in use and did not have any active utilities within the easement, Knudson was able to abandon the easement through the reverter process without any land cost to the client.

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