Houston Airport System Inter Terminal Train and Tunnel Existing Conditions Fire Life/Safety Code Compliance Review

As part of the HNTB Corporation On-Call Team, Knudson provided observation reporting, photo documentation and reporting on fire, life/safety code compliance of the existing conditions of the Inter Terminal Train and Tunnel at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The evaluation began with a site visit starting at the control room and maintenance area in Terminal A then proceeded to the pubic area of the ITT and included all maintenance areas along the ITT and ended at Terminal D and E terminus. The site visit was designed to be done from the walking surfaces of the ITT. At the time of the observation, the City of Houston was currently utilizing the International Fire Code 2006 edition, effective 12/31/2010 as adopted with amendments, while performing Fire and Life Safety inspections of structures within their jurisdiction. These codes as adopted contained standards for the inspection of a building based on one of two basic categories, new or existing structure. ITT was designed, permitted and built prior to the adoption of the current fire code and amendments, and therefore did not meet the definition of “New Construction”. The code references made for the ITT used the following definition for “Existing buildings”.

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