Houston Airport System IAH, Hobby and Ellington Field 3D Elevation Modeling

Knudson created an ArcGIS raster surface model of airspace elevations for all three airports. The proposed TIN-to-raster approach to prepare the final raster surface model involved two primary sets of sub-tasks and two corresponding deliverables. Knudson modeled the two FAR Part 77obstruction standards that reference, and vary with the existing ground elevations and incorporated them into the existing airspace maps. Knudson created the initial 2D TIN, consisting of approximately 3,000 nodes per airport and then exported each node into AutoCAD so that elevation values could be assigned. A new 3D Tin was created as a result of node elevations added in AutoCAD. Final raster surface models were created by merging both TINs which identified the lower elevation values. Knudson and the client performed Quality Assurance reviews and conducted accuracy assessments for the final deliverable to be included in the final Height Hazard Ordinance submittal to the Airport Commission and Houston City Council for review and approval.

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