Newport MUD

Knudson LP was selected by Newport Municipal Utility District to prepare its 2008 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan.  The Master Planning process included individual meetings with: the MUD Board of Directors, the developers building within the MUD, and the Newport Property Owners Association (NPOA).  These meetings helped document needs, issues and concerns identified by the various stakeholder organizations.

Knudson was directly accountable to the MUD Board of Directors, who served as the “Master Plan Committee.”  In addition, public meetings were held at the community recreation center to allow an opportunity for residents to be engaged in the process.

Land acquisition involved negations between the developer, NPOA and the MUD to acquire land for the Gum Bayou Trail as well as for new park locations. Master Plan recommendations provide for a new multipurpose trail along Gum Bayou as well as new neighborhood park facilities at four locations throughout the Newport Community, and the Plan was adopted in 2008.

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