City of Pearland Old Townsite Monumentation

Knudson assisted the City of Pearland and the Pearland Economic Development Corporation in designing a gateway monument to bring attention to Pearland’s historic ‘Old Townsite’ District.  The monument was designed for construction in two phases.  Phase one included the construction of a semi-circular masonry wall and landscaping that announces the entry into the district.  Phase two will include a masonry tower that will further accentuate the boundary of the District.

Knudson worked closely with stakeholder groups to create a monument that would complement the existing architecture of the Historic District.  In addition to conceptual design and visioning, Knudson also provided the City with construction drawings for the project.  Knudson was heavily involved in construction observation to ensure that the project met the expectations of the Pearland community.

Click here to download this project sheet.