Economic Development

Knudson, LP is uniquely suited to develop economic development initiatives on behalf of your city or project due to our multi-disciplinary competencies in real estate development, financial analysis, public finance methods, transit-oriented development, and urban planning. We understand how to gauge the effects of development and capitalize on those effects to the benefit of the clients and cities we work for.

Knudson, LP has extensive experience in special district creation and management, public private partnerships (PPP), public involvement, and real estate redevelopment strategies. Special districts offer cities and developers each unique opportunities for financing and achieving their development goals. Over the last 25 years, Knudson, LP has been instrumental in the creation of over $14 billion in new taxable value from over $1 billion in signed developer agreements through the use of public private partnerships. That means for every $1.00 of tax money spent on developer reimbursement, the municipality or political jurisdiction received $14.00 in new taxable property revenues. We believe public private partnerships are a “win-win” strategy for cities, counties, and private sector developers.