Construction/Program Management

Knudson, LP combines the roles of Owners’ representative, Project Manager, and Construction Manger into a complete program of services.

Program management can provide the best opportunities for the owner to realize the most creative and cost effective solutions at each point in the development of a project. Program management can also include assisting the owner at various stages of a specific project for specific tasks or functions such as with regulatory issues, permitting, and negotiations with other entities.

Construction management services involved assisting the owner during the actual construction of a project. Knudson, LP has the staff to assure that the contractor constructs the project in accordance with the project design documents as well as coordinate between contractors and the client to avoid problems and conflicts identified during construction. Knudson, LP has provided construction and program management services for construction of roads, utilities, parks, and other related land development projects and can work as a trusted partner in assisting Clients in completion of projects.