Clinton Dome 3-D Seismic Survey

Knudson, LP was asked by the client to review a proposed 3-D seismic survey to ensure that it would fit within the guidelines of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Nationwide Permit 6 (NWP 6) which authorizes survey activities including core sampling, seismic exploratory operations, plugging of seismic shot holes and other exploratory type bore holes, soil survey and sampling activities.   Upon review of the project and meeting with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel, it was decided that as long as no drilling would take place within a tidal waterbody (Section 10 water) that the project would be authorized under NWP 6.

The project consisted of surveying a 10,500 acre area located in eastern Harris County for the purpose of oil and gas exploration.  Three inch diameter holes were dug to a depth of 80 feet along a grid within the project boundary.  Direct coordination with the USACE allowed for timely review and permit processing.