Memorial Heights Redevelopment (City of Houston TIRZ 5)

This project was the original catalyst for the Washington Avenue Corridor development which began in 1994.  It began as a 28-acre multi-family development.  Knudson, LP has been involved with the Memorial Heights redevelopment (aka City of Houston TIRZ 5) since its inception in 1999.  Under the original contract with the Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority, Knudson was responsible for full-scale program management and operation of the TIRZ.  Specific tasks included management of the consultant staff assigned, directing and controlling the work done, plan and conduct internal and external meetings, and provide technical support staff to implement the TIRZ.  Knudson was responsible for production of all progress reports and oversight of the design process.  Over the life of the TIRZ, $250,000,00 in new real property values have been created over the base value of approximately $32,000,000.

Recently, this project is under redevelopment (2012) which will add an additional $180,000,000 in real property values on the same 28 acres.  Knudson, LP has been hired as primary consultant to provide  economic development consulting, planning, and landscape architecture services.

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