Houston Airport System – Master Plan Update for William P. Hobby and Ellington Airports

Knudson is currently providing work associated with the Master Plan Update for both William P. Hobby and Ellington Airports. Knudson’s tasks include assist in identifying the planning advisory committee members and attending and work with the committee and support in the preparation of agenda items, including management of stakeholder comments; coordinate a real estate “reality check” with the City would include identifying potential developers and investors; identify areas of opportunities for landscaping, LID, sidewalks, street furniture, bioswales, and streetscape. Knudson also drafted the Land Use Plan text and graphics which was used for stakeholder presentations; Airport Land Use considerations; and Smart Growth and Urban Design framework. Knudson lead the Opportunities and Constraints Analysis which assisted in identifying opportunities for public/private partnerships, including financial analysis and examples of opportunities for economic development applications.

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