2007 and 2012 HISD Re-Build: New Construction and Remodeling

In 2007, the community approved an $805 million dollar bond for the Houston Independent School District. The primary focus of the 2007 bond was construction of new elementary schools and completion of technology and safety/security areas. The bond program included construction and renovation projects at 180 schools. 23 new schools were completed under the program. In 2012, Houston voters approved a 1.89 billion bond to replace and repair 40 schools across the district, including 21 new high schools, partially replacing 3 high schools, renovating 4 high schools, converting 5 elementary schools to K-8 campuses, building 3 new elementary schools, and replacing/completing 2 middle school campuses. As CM/PA, Knudson is responsible for scope/budget definition and control, architect/engineer selection, management of the design process, selection/negotiation of construction contracts, and construction management. During work associated with both bond programs, Knudson’s selected personnel reported directly to the AECOM Design office through the completion of the project.

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