Economic Alliance receives TEDC Award for Economic Development Program

Per an email update from President and CEO, Chad Burke:

The Economic Alliance Houston Port Region has received a 2012 Community Economic Development Award (CEDA) merit recognition this fall from the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC). The award recognized the Economic Alliance for “Outstanding Achievement in Community Economic Development.” The Economic Alliance was recognized for the award based on a program the organization created to take advantage of the expansion in the specialty chemicals manufacturing market and secure capital investment and jobs in the region that will last decades. The strategic implementation of the program has brought together:

  • cities, school districts and Harris County for tax incentives;
  • local community colleges and school districts for workforce development programs;
  • the State of Texas for Enterprise Fund and Enterprise Zone awards; and
  • the regional economic development groups and local and state level manufacturing organization (Texas Chemical Council & East Harris County Manufacturers Association).

All of which was accomplished with the intent of creating a cohesive team that makes Texas the most appealing place to invest capital and create jobs. Eighteen of the 21 projects that the Economic Alliance is currently working on are in the petrochemical sector, and total on whole, represent 2,715 jobs and $3.3 billion in capital investment According to TEDC, the award was developed to honor excellence and exceptional contributions of Texas communities in economic development. The criteria used to determine the CEDA recipients included innovativeness, transferability, community commitment and leveragability, measurable objectives, and ancillary benefits to the community.

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