Firm Philosophy

Knudson, LP’s driving principle is to “build better communities by design.”

Our methodology is unique because we always approach a job with the end in mind. We believe that every community and every development has a story that needs to be told through GIS mapping, landscape architecture, land planning and/or economic development initiatives. Our construction management services augment our comprehensive planning services. We take into account each of our clients’ individual needs and match the right project manager to the job to ensure efficiency and success. Below are our “Words to Live By” that guide our approach to every project we take on:

  • “Satisfied customers are our obsession.”
  • “The world is run by people who show up.”
  • “You don’t always have to know the answer, but you do need to know where to find it.”
  •  “Activity doesn’t equal productivity.”
  • “What gets measured gets done.”
  • “We are not planning for planning’s sake; we are planning to put it on the ground.”
  • “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right – now.”
  • “Bad news does not get better with age.”
  • “Park your ego at the door.”
  • “There is no ‘I’ in Team”
  • “Hire people who know the end of the movie.”
  • “Begin the job with the end in mind.”

Why Choose Us

  • People Our team is comprised of the best in the industry.  Get to know us.
  • Certifications Knudson, LP maintains small business certifications in several jurisdictions, and we are ready to be your DBE partner.
  • Professional Memberships Part of staying current is being active in the industry community. We are active members of our industry’s professional organizations.
  • Letters of Reccommendation Don’t take our word for it that we’re good at what we do; our clients speak for us.


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