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TxDOT Issues a New Organization Chart

This may seem somewhat superfluous, but I guarantee you that you will thank us later for posting this info.  There is nothing more frustrating than being passed from extension to extension because you don’t know who to ask for. TxDOT Organization Chart November 2011...

Millions Available to Restore Texas Gulf Coast Area

The Gulf of Mexico Initiative is a program “designed to help landowners identify and pay for ecosystem restoration along the coast,” and Texas will be one of the key beneficiaries of a $50 million pledge from the federal government through this program.  The idea is that a restored, thriving coastline is a more resilient coastline.  Private property owners have agreed Continue Reading...

Five Things This Planner is Thankful For

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve compiled a list of five things that I am thankful for as a planner.  It is only right that half of them aren’t “hard, tangible” things since planners are often visionary in nature rather than literal.  That’s my excuse anyhow.  Here goes: 1.  I am thankful for my mentor.  I know, I Continue Reading...
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