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Economic Alliance receives TEDC Award for Economic Development Program

Per an email update from President and CEO, Chad Burke: The Economic Alliance Houston Port Region has received a 2012 Community Economic Development Award (CEDA) merit recognition this fall from the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC). The award recognized the Economic Alliance for “Outstanding Achievement in Community Economic Development.” The Economic Alliance was recognized for the award based on a Continue Reading...

Ways to Make Better Project Management Decisions

I was recently sent an article on decision-making and felt compelled to share it.  Here at Knudson, because we are such a small firm, each employee is expected to wear many hats and perform a variety of duties on any given day.  When that variety is multiplied over a week, a month, or a year, the number of decisions that a Continue Reading...

O’Connor and Associates Retail Forecast Breakfast

This morning’s Retail Forecast Breakfast at Courtyard on St. James Place had a great lineup and some great information. Below is my paraphrased summary of the speakers and the great perspective that they were able to provide!  Each speaker had some unique insight to the market, and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations.  Any errors or mistakes are my own. – T. Koenig Continue Reading...